Emotion Driven Research

Our touch based Emotion recognition Technology measures how your user feels as they browse your apps on their smartphone.

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Our Technology



Our Machine Learning Module is built in
track user activation and valence levels based
on users Touch gestures, as
they swipe across a Mobile Application.

Our Products

User & product

research platform

Audience Research

Better understand the user persona and patterns.
  • User segmentation based on emotion
  • Audience discovery based on product response.
  • User impulse purchase pattern

Desire Detection

Product Research

Discover which product traits and perceived and how !
  • Know what product traits excites your user the most
  • Discover your product likeability score out of 10.
  • Categorize product based on emotional response

Desire Detection

UX Research

Granular feedback of UX towards each page in your App
  • User emotional responses at page level
  • UI touch heat map and guidelines
  • A/B test differences and comparisons



API based solution

Build custom use case on our API's
  • Predict user intent in a session as user browses the app.
  • Rank products based on user emotional response.
  • Emotion, Valence and Activation API's.
  • Automated actionable triggers.
  • A/B Testing API's

How it Works

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